Foreigners discover Italy with Kenturio



“A Forward Operating base” for foreign Groups interested to our Country. We make their exploration easier bringing them knowledge about the Italian entertainment market”. This was the statement of Luca Cadura in introducing Kenturio, his new Media & Marketing Consulting Company, based in Rome. “The Italian television market is in the middle of a tremendous revolution that has multiplied opportunities but remains a very complex scenario”. A scenario which can be difficult to understand but not an impossible mission with the proper support. With a strong international experience (Chairman at NBC Universal until 2013), the manager’s first objective is supporting the foreign entertainment, media, marketing and communication players willing to invest in our Country.
Kenturio can also support the Italian media companies, by providing services like branding development, communication strategies, market and performance analysis, training and support. An external “eye” to sustain and analyze the strategic actions of the Companies: “It is important to have a “third party” point of view about what the Company is doing, an analysis coming from “outside”, a point of view you don’t get within the organization. More and more often, within the Companies you end up neglecting things just because there’s not enough time to do everything properly”. The name Kenturio derives from Centurion, the backbone or the Roman Legion organization. The Centurion was the link between the strategies decided by the Consul and the action of the Legionaries. In between of these two forces, the Centurion would move with a certain discretionary creative margin but within the mainframe of the severe discipline of the Legion. A situation, which reminds what happens in the multinational organizations where local creativity has always to deal with strong structures, processes and limits.
Inside Kenturio there are also Aldo Lemme and Luca Magnani. The first with solid experience on theatrical marketing and the second on kids, digital and new media. Kenturio is based on the networking concept. “It is a base for reliable and well-known professionals and is open to whoever can contribute”. According to Cadura the availability of contents on all platforms creates the need for TV networks, to enhance their identity: “This is the moment of marketing. Networks need a huge consolidation of their positioning as they have to explain to consumers, for the first time, why they should watch contents there instead of somewhere else. This needs a very strong and loyal relationship between content, platform, network and consumer”.