Luca Cadura: the Globalist Brand will become stronger

By Eleonora Ferroni



The new Editorial & Marketing Director of our syndication has been President of NBC Universal Global Networks. Now he starts a new adventure in the world of news.

After starting his career in the world of advertising agencies (Saatchi, Ayer, Grey) Luca Cadura spent many years as President NBC Universal Global Networks Italia, the Company of NBCUniversal dedicated to create, produce and distribute thematic channels. In NBCU he managed Studio Universal, Diva Universal, Steel, E! Entertainment, Syfy, Hallmark Channel and Universal Channel.
Now Luca Cadura is the new Editorial & Marketing Director of Globalist syndication with the aim of reinforcing and growing the first syndication of independent websites and journalists.

After the prestigious experience in NBCUniversal what brought you to Globalist syndication as Editorial and Marketing Director?
The online news world is a world I always watched from far away. I perceived its growing importance and now I desire to understand its rules. This is the playfield of infotainment. Where trustworthy news join freshness and entertainment.

You are a manager with an experience mainly focused on television. Can this experience strengthen a multimedia development of Globalist?
I believe this is the reason I have been called here. I feel a little bit as the ‘comedian’ in the middle of intellectuals. The one who desires to make fresh and accessible also the most complicated and serious news. To this scope we must use any possible tech platform. In order to capture all the senses of our readers. To involve them and make them part of a community. Obviously this can only be done because the brand Globalist has such a high reputation that a degree of lightness does no harm.

How do you think we can further grow the Globalist brand?
I am working on this. In the meantime the Globalist website has to become more ‘global’ in its subjects, going deep where others don’t. For example the Media space or the Intelligence one. We’ll expand the current sections through partnerships to cover in an even more detailed way the themes. I’m also working to give the brand more exposure in Italy through marketing and content initiatives.

Fantasy, innovation, action speed can be a recipe to grow in the publishing field notwithstanding this economic crisis?
People want to know more. In this period they also want to escape through some entertainment. Technology offers improved solutions year after year. So the need is there and the solutions as well. Our challenge is to find the right balance between reputation, freshness and economics.

Apart from you, the Globalist brand will be managed by Kenturio, the strategic marketing consulting Company you lead. Who are the customers of Kenturio and how can this Company benefit Globalist?
Kenturio faces the same challenges of Globalist in similar fields. Kenturio helps the Companies that operate in Media and Marketing to slim their costs and processes by using external help. A support on specific objectives, limited in the time frame and scope. Moreover Kenturio is dedicated to those foreign Groups that are interested in assessing investments in the Italian entertainment space. A space that keeps being among the most interesting ones of the western world.