Our mission is to provide strategic advice to Media Entertainment, Marketing and Communication businesses:


The Italian media scenario, specially the TV one, is in the middle of a revolution that is changing all the rules. In the last 5 years, we’ve seen more change than in the last 50. The new market
offers a number of opportunities. At the same time, this market has limits and access barriers that should be known in advance. Kenturio is the perfect Forward Operating Base for foreign companies assessing media investments in Italy. Aside strategic consultancy, Kenturio can assist in meeting the local key players and suppliers as well as starting-up the initiatives.


We believe that in a world full of high quality alternatives, often the difference is made by the brand value and the effectiveness of communication. As an example in the hyper fragmented world of entertainment, the consumer is more and more in trouble in recognizing and falling in love with programs, offers, channels, technologies. Branding is key to navigate this vast space of possibilities.


In the Media environment everything is about content. However in a fragmented world, the box is as important as the content. What is the point in having many high quality shows if your viewers don’t know them? Or, even worse, if the viewers confuse the network or the affiliate distributor? The theatrical business is also changing a lot. The importance of the theatres is shifting towards different ways of watching movies, with an overlap between theatres, web and TV. Not all the players look ready for this new challenge. A challenge enhanced by the appearance on the market of strong VOD operators. Finally, whatever your market, Social media and Content Discovery must obviously be added to the traditional media mix. Kenturio can build with you the right communication strategy to create awareness and positioning to your products and services.

When you are in touch with your products and services on a daily basis, you end up losing the sense of their real value. So, sometimes, the Companies underestimate or overestimate the potential of what they offer.

Kenturio can bring to the table a fresh attitude free of any prejudice, helping identifying strong points and translating them in creative and communication concepts.

How many times you just couldn’t stay up to date on your competitor’s initiatives? And how often your time is just too short to identify gaps and needs of the market? Kenturio can analyze the market for you, identify development areas and verify the success potential of your initiatives.

Markets are conversations. On Web 2.0, consumers' opinions regarding the price, value and quality of a product or service are a privileged source of information. In fact accurate Sentiment analysis are more and more used to assess the brand image, promotional campaigns, specific products and services as well as competitor's activities.

Kenturio will help in defining Key Performance Indicators, to define success in advance and be able to evaluate the results on an objective base.


The Media Business requires very specific skills and experience. A deep knowledge of the market and the companies speeds up the process of searching and hiring media talents. CV screening, head hunting, candidates short-listing, assessment.

Branding and communication have such a primary role that all Companies should spread their base principles to all employees. This is especially true for those employees with decisional responsibilities and exposure to Clients.

Kenturio has years of experience in sessions and seminars about the importance of branding, marketing and communication, in prestigious Masters and Universities, and is able to fine-tune them on your specific needs.


Sometimes there isn’t just enough time to do things the way you like. Kenturio can help in terms of strategic content as well as presentation aesthetics.

Thanks to a genuine passion for military history and specific experiences, Kenturio can be a valid consultant to produce
or adapt with rigor and effectiveness contents related to historic and military themes. Sometimes, in fact, the lack of detail that may look ok to someone is considered an unforgivable lack of quality and care by specific and passionate audiences (which are exactly those audiences for whom this kind of content has been created).

Kenturio also provides
content distribution (movies, series, animation)
for TV Networks and On-Demand services..


Assessment of content libraries as well as contents in development.


Kenturio has a variegated production experience: from precious artwork documentaries which got theatrical, TV and Home Video distribution, to short programs introducing TV content.